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Monday, January 24, 2011

ABD Indoor Time Trial Season

It's been a while since I've written much. Winter is the time where I hunker down at PWP and get some awesome training in. Lately I've been feeling fantastic. Turning 40 last year kind of made me realize "I can do whatever I want!" and I have a new air of confidence about me. My training has been going great--I've been getting some awesome rides in and have upped my core workouts so now I'm able to do things I've never been able to do in my life! For one, I can now do the entire 3 minute plank excersise we do at PWP. (I've been trying to do this for 6 years!)

Yesterday was the first of ABD indoor tt series which includes 3 indoor and 1 outdoor time trial. Every year I've always enjoyed (and I use that term loosely) doing this series. You have to go in with the right attitude--it's the middle of winter, we're all training, who cares that everyone can see your time your watts and your weight, no your results at these don't necessarily translate into how you do on the road--but if you can put all of that into perspective, it's honestly just a really fun way to spice up your winter training. I'm not going to push myself that hard on my own, and it's fun to have a little motivation boost every so often. Yesterday I was talking to a couple of people who were new to the indoor tt and were asking me about how to do it. "It's kind of like torture" I told them, "if you feel like you're going to throw up and die, you're probably doing it about right. But you feel great when you're done."

Since I'm now part of the ABD family, I got to see some of the back stage planning and a first hand view of the well-oiled machine that is the ABD volunteers making this event run smoothly. Very impressive.

I didn't exactly have my best ride ever (I was sick with a cold-which was a bummer because I really have been feeling great lately!) but I did have fun watching some friends get new PR's. While I was there Mike Ebert got a text from Jessi and Stacy who had done well in a training crit that morning in Arizona where they are out training right now. Very Exciting!!!

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  1. Great race yesterday! I started slow, wasn't sure if I could catch up to you all, but gave it my best! And yes, I did feel like I was gonna throw up and die afterwards... Congrats on racing for a new team! You guys are gonna rock this year!